In-Time FASHION successfully coordinates, controls and monitors the relationships within your supplier network, including the terms and conditions of contract and business as well as the agreements made. We can provide this service for both your existing and new suppliers. Our team is strategically located in the EMEA, Americas and APAC regions. Our service here is guaranteeing and optimising risk-free procurement, as well as the establishment, maintenance and optimisation of all successful supplier relationships.

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Quality control according to AQL is carried out by clothing technicians on site or by SGS or Bureau Veritas.

All suppliers regularly produce items for us through long-term capacity planning.

The materials are purchased in the region to ensure short response times.

Responsibility in the long term

In recent years, the textile industry has developed a strong awareness of sustainability. Today, consumers are also better informed and increasingly expect ecologically and socially acceptable products and thus sustainable solutions in the textile industry.

Some manufacturers are increasingly stepping up their efforts to tap innovation potential and thus promote sustainable development. Sustainability strategies range from sustainable designs and the use of innovative materials and processes to the optimisation of resource consumption and recycling.

We support and promote these efforts in our daily cooperation with our suppliers and in projects with our customers.

Tested Quality

All our productions are audited by SA 8000, BSCI or Sedex.

The certification standard STeP by OEKO-TEX® is new. This is a certification system of the OEKO-TEX® Association, which comprises a tested evaluation according to transparent criteria and procedures for sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible textile and fashion companies.

Certification serves to reduce hazards and risks along the entire textile production chain from the manufacturing of the fibres to the completion of the products. It aims to improve sustainability, quality and resource conservation of production sites.

In addition to product quality, it is particularly important to us that our textile products are manufactured under humane and acceptable working conditions. We work exclusively with partners and suppliers who adhere to the social standards of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). We are committed to sustainability. Our production partners have committed themselves to a comprehensive review of social and labour law framework conditions.

In addition, we review other relevant factors, such as compliance with minimum wages, working hours and measures relating to occupational safety and fire protection. After every first audit, we give our production partners the opportunity to follow the path of improvement together with us. The factory must commit itself to specific measures, which we review at regular intervals in re-audits. During the auditing process, we again work together with independent accredited testing institutes.